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understanding acute post pandemic trauma


What is post pandemic trauma?

Research shows that some people will have experience the Covid-19 pandemic as an acute trauma and have the associated acute trauma response.

Why does it matter?

The acute trauma response leads to long lasting, life debilitating mental health complications. Acute Trauma can contribute to anti social behaviours, substance dependency, emotional vulnerabilities and secondary trauma. Acute Trauma will make it difficult for people to maintain healthy relationships with themselves, others, their finances and their work.

Who will it effect?

Initial research shows that 10-12% of the population (from the age of 11) will experience the acute trauma response. 

WHat we are doing about it

We are working to raise awareness and increase understanding of acute post pandemic trauma. We offer early interventions through our free resources and insight and education during our training programmes. 

Where to learn more

You can read our Covid-19 report on our research page or get in touch to attend or access post pandemic specific training and resources.