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A 90 minute on demand training programme suitable for teachers, employers, social workers and non psychiatric health professionals.  

An ideal introduction to understanding Acute Trauma.


Learn how to identify the acute trauma response, understand the long term prognosis for people experiencing acute trauma and know how to support individuals with unprocessed acute trauma.


An on demand course with over 150 minutes of video and supporting resources and workbooks.

Suitable for people often interacting with people that have experienced acute trauma; emergency services, key charity workers,non specialist counsellors & therapists.

Learn how to explain the acute trauma response to someone that is experiencing it.


Develop skills to manage therapeutic conversations and facilitate activities that will reduce the severity and long lasting impact of Acute Trauma. 



A hands on 8 hour on demand training programme designed for therapists and mental health professionals. Hands on experience within the field of mental health care is recommended for understanding. All resources and recommended activities will be provided.

Confidently help individuals to safely process their acute trauma response in order to improve their emotional well being and mental health. 

Effectively support people in their acute trauma recovery with appropriate interventions, activities and insight.